Wal*Mart E-Mail Scam

March 31st, 2009

As I wrote in the last post, I don’t ordinarily write about technical issues, but they’ve been cropping up more often lately. Today’s scam comes to us from a malicious Web site in Barcelona, Spain called http://formulacoches dot com. The domain name is registered to Jose Luis de las Heras Flores, but he would have you believe you’ve logged into the Wal*Mart site to participate in a survey.


You’ve been selected to take part in our quick and easy 9 questions survey.
In return we will credit $90.00 to your account – Just for your time!

Please spare two minutes of your time and take part in our online survey so we can improve our services.
Don’t miss this chance to change something.

To access the form please click the link below :


Of course, if you click the link above, the real Wal*Mart’s Web site will tell you it has no such page. But the actual link in the e-mail points to the following address (Which I’ve disabled… you really don’t want to see the Web site):
http://www.formulacoches.com/ WalMart/ Stores/ Inc/ online/ survey/ index.html

Anyway, if you do go there, you’ll get to a screen that looks just like the Wal*Mart Web site, and you’ll click a couple of yes-or-no questions and you’ll get a message that says, “Congratulations…etc.” Then you’ll be asked to tell those nice folks your Wal*Mart account info so they can “credit your account.” Don’t Do It!!!

This is the point at which those zany vandals at formulacoches dot com will record your Wal*Mart account number and password, and go off on a shopping spree with your good credit.

If you do get one of these messages, just delete it. If Wal*Mart really wanted your feedback, they’d give you a form to fill out at the store. And if they were going to reward you for your time, they’d do it at their customer service window.

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