Ruby Red Swiss Chard
Local Ruby Swiss Chard © 2008, Skip Lombardi

We’re pleased, really PLEASED, to let you know that very soon, we’ll begin presenting a series of culinary talks coupled with cooking classes/demonstrations. We’ll be making these presentations—not in a supermarket, not in a cooking school—but in private homes, right here in Sarasota. We hope to have more specifics within a few days, but right now we can tell you that…

• As we did in our classes at Whole Foods, we’ll begin with offerings from the cuisines of Italy and the Middle East (Turkish, Arab, & Persian).

• Enrollments will be limited (probably no more than 8-12 participants per scheduled class, depending on the venue)…

• We will consider private presentations in your home, to suit YOUR schedule.

• We’ll focus on seasonal ingredients, simple techniques, and preparations that participants can reproduce at home.

Check back here for more details—or better yet—subscribe to our RSS feed and WE”LL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE WHERE & WHEN…

Buon appetito, afiyet olsun, sihhateyin, nush e jaan!

Skip Lombardi & Holly Chase

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