Sipping at Short-Stop

August 4th, 2007

Short Stop Market
Just a quick note about the unexpected pleasures of a stout and ale tasting at the Short-Stop on Orange Avenue. It may be hard to imagine having an organized tasting of anything more sophisticated than beef jerky at a convenience store. But this is no ordinary convenience store.

The formerly generic, quick-in-and-out Short-Stop now devotes half its floor space to wine, including some very prestigious labels. The beer selection has grown far beyond long-necked Buds. Owner Ali Molavi, has taken his enterprise in new directions and has started to host monthly tastings. Last night, distributor J.J. Taylor was pouring seven distinctive specialty beers.

Though many beer aficionados lack the verbosity of wine tasters, mention of soy, peanut, smoke, espresso and citrus notes were heard. Vocabulary is fostered by connoisseurship, and we think any effort that makes us think about what we eat and drink is good.

The sampling included Wolaver’s Organic Brown Ale from Vermont and Brooklyn Pennant Ale. We were especially taken with the extremely hoppy Two-Heart Ale and the dense, bitter chocolate qualities of Kalamazoo Stout—both from Bell’s of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Of course, if you want a long-necked Bud and some beef jerky, you can still find them here.

521 South Orange Avenue
Sarasota, Florida

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