As soon as we began to chronicle our involvement with The Food Stamp Challenge, Living on $42.00 per Week,* a series we initiated nearly three years ago, we got our readers’ attention—lots of it.

Antique Food Coupon
Obsolete $2.00 Food Coupon
On exhibit at The National Museum of American History

Yes, it’s hard to believe we did that before most of us thought we’d see the Obama family in the White House. And we’re really glad they’re there, especially since Michelle Obama has put herself in the front-lines with her campaign to reverse the American epidemic of childhood obesity.

To lend our support to Mrs. Obama and a cause we also support, we’ve aggregated posts that were part of our good-food-on-a-budget series. Our own observations as well as our philosophy on the cooking—and sharing—of a week’s worth of food-for-thought is now here, accessible via a single cyber-link.

With all of our posts about spending a week “on food stamps” here in one spot, you can now move more easily from one post to the next—or back-track to a particular recipe.

We’re gratified that so many have told us they value our exploration of such topics. And we hope that by providing a convenient link to all of them, the ideas we discuss will gain wider circulation.

Zuppa di Fagioli
Photo: Copyright © 2008, Skip Lombardi
* As of November 1, 2009, the Federal Food Stamp budget for one person is now $25, slightly higher than the $21 allotted when we undertook the challenge in 2007.

Living on $42.00 Per Week: The Anthology

Living on $42.00 Per Week—the Challenge
Living on $42.00 Per Week—Day 1
Living on $42.00 per Week—Day 2
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Living on $42.00 Per Week—Day 5
Living on $42.00 Per Week—Day 6
Living on $42.00 Per Week—Day 7
Living on $42.00 Per Week—Summary
Living on $42.00 Per Week—Redux

For years, we’ve written about the significant pleasure of cooking and sharing everyday food. Below are links to a few other posts on this blog that tie in with Living on $42.00 per Week

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