Dogs Eating Pasta

May 6th, 2007

I‘m on record in several publications indicating that my taste in art runs toward dogs playing poker. This has become significant recently as Sarasota has a thriving, vibrant art community. I mean no disrespect for the artists of Sarasota, but so far, I have yet to visit a gallery that compares with a certain bar in downtown Sonoma, California that features the complete collection of prints by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

I mean who would not be moved by “His Station and Four Aces?” Or the timeless, “A Friend in Need.”

Fatima—who doesn’t believe my taste in art could be that parochial—has nevertheless been nominally supportive. “Okay…how about dogs eating pasta?” she said one day, pointing to the famous spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp.

I took this up with my Boston friend and graphics guru, whose taste in art runs toward penguins. He liked the idea too. I think if C.M. Coolidge were still with us, he’d be pleased himself.

Dogs Eating Pasta

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